About Prestige


Prestige is a Day care, an Early learning and International Primary School Centre admitting children aged from 9 months to 11 years. It is situated on a friendly and secured home environment in Mbezi beach area near Jogoo Mills factory in Dar-es-Salaam,Tanzania.

At Prestige we create an environment based on the teacher observations of each child. This ensures that every child’s needs for any particular activity are met, at all times. The role of our teachers is to create the right environment, and to make sure that a child is ‘linked’ to the most appropriate activities, for their interests and their needs at any particular time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to implement the philosophy, practices and curriculum of Dr. Maria Montessori and her method of education with combination of  an International Curriculum.  To this end, we have created a welcoming, engaging positive environment that is responsive to each child at all stages of development.


Our Vision

To earn ourselves standing as the provider of the most reliable and unmatched quality childcare and educational programs with utmost equity whilst simultaneously providing a home-like environment whereby we complement families in their efforts to build each of their children’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive development.

Core Values

We value the life of each and every child as priceless gift from God and as such we believe that children should receive the utmost warmth, respect and knowledge every single day of their life through quality, tender and loving care.

Our Curriculum

Every child is treated with respect, given freedom within the limits of a carefully structured environment, and allowed to develop naturally at his or her own pace. Maria Montessori recognized that children have a natural willingness to explore and that the best motivation for learning is self-motivation. The children choose from a wide range of self-educating and self-correcting activities, working with each for as long as he or she needs to.
The core of the Creative Curriculum is to balance both teacher-directed and child-initiated learning, with an emphasis on responding to children’s learning styles and building on their strengths and interests. All of this is done through well-planned learning and activity centers including: Library (language), Blocks (construction), Music and Movement, Art, Sand & Water (Sensory), Computers, Outdoor Learning, Cooking, Science and Math.


Montessori education is based on beliefs about human development and human relationships. At the core is “Respect” – Respect for each person (adult & child), for all life, and for the environment. Respect for each child’s uniqueness leads to trust, and “Trust” is essential for learning and growth.

We view each human as a uniquely endowed individual living a whole life in a whole world. Teaching and learning are seen as inseparable as are self, family, neighbor-hood and global community. Learning and growth are what happen when people work and play together. We understand the importance of sensitive periods, when children experience an inner drive, a passion to do and understand – like the functions of writing or the possibilities of paint. During these times, learning is the most thorough, concentration most intense, and enthusiasm most heightened as children pursue, often with endless repetition, activities which they find interesting.

Children are given ample time and space to explore and work at their own pace and in their own learning style. In our prepared environments, consistency and dependability are the norm, each activity has its place, and projects are carried out in an orderly, relaxed manner.

Teaching Staff

We have teachers from different background and both with Early Childhood Training Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees. We do provide training and seminars for our teachers in order to keep them up to date with the new tools in educating a child.

Volunteers Program

Prestige has build relationship with some of the organization in order to have volunteers from different parts of the world e.g. Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Canada, UK , America etc. (If interested please write to info@prestigepreschool.sc.tz)