Baby Class Program (3months to 12months) – Day Care

For our infants we offer sensitive baby care encouraging all stages of development through the attention
of interested adults and by stimulating their natural curiosity. We follow individual sleep and feeding
patterns to maintain consistency with home life and to foster a feeling of security, as teachers will be
working with you to develop your child’s daily schedule which includes naptimes, playtimes and feeding
times. (Again parents are encouraged to visit at any time.) Our baby care room is filled with toys and
baby books which assist your baby to develop at his or her own pace. Teachers sing songs and read
stories to encourage language acquisition and they also pass balls and play games to develop motor skills.
The equipment used is appropriate to their needs, including manufactured, natural and found resources.
At Prestige Day Care we guide your baby’s early experiences toward a lifelong love of learning.

Toddler Program (1yr to 2yrs) – Shining Stars

Children under 2 years old have their own separate part of the Nursery with quiet rooms to rest and sleep
in. The focus of the Toddler environment is on independence and self awareness. The activities of the
curriculum at Prestige include: Practical Life, Language, Movement, Art & Music and Sensory Motor Development.

Pre School Program (3yrs – 5yrs) -Great Explorers/Bright Minds

At the age of 3 years our primary focus for the child is on Practical Life Skills, so the children engage in
activities that encourage independence. With practice they will master everyday skills such as ‘pouring
without spilling’, sweeping, arranging and washing tables.

As they master each of these activities they will experience a feeling of success and this will lead them to
approach the next task with confidence. From the age of 4 years the focus progresses to developing social
skills. At this age your child is sensitive to developing social relationships and friends. These first two
years of Pre School at Prestige lay important foundations. As your child moves on to their third year, the
real benefits of the Montessori approach become apparent.

From the age of 5 years (Pre Unit) the opportunity to develop leadership qualities, increased confidence, a caring
attitude towards others and a sense of responsibility all come to the fore, as your child interacts with both
the younger children and the other children of their same age.

In other words, the first two years prepare your child for creative, meaningful exploration and progress in
lots of areas. A third year at prestige is the true culmination that’s when concepts and skills your child
has learned truly blossom and you can really see the growth of your child – a love of learning becomes
a real part of them.

Grade One (6 years)

At 6 years of age your child is ready for Grade One.  At Prestige we provide an excellent, Christ Centred International Education, that meets all academic standards and equip children with proper knowledge.

**In a very real way, Prestige provides the strongest possible foundation for your child – it’s an education for life**